Latest Press Releases

4-30-2014:  As U.S. is Poised to be Knocked Off as World’s Richest Economy, Federal Government Sits on Its Uranium 

4-14-14: Johnson Testifies at Downwinders’ Field Hearing

4-8-14: House Bill 2625 Asks for More Taxpayer Money to be Added to Fines

3-4-14: New Tech Support Scams Attacking Netflix & Gmail Users

2-26-14: Polio-Like Illness Hits Neighboring State

2-11-2014: New Prescription Discount Drug Card Saving County Residents Money

2-6-2014: Johnson Concerned About Security on New Internet Ready Appliances 

1-21-2014: Millions of Tax Payer Dollars Still Flowing to Colorado City for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance & Medicaid

1-7-2014: New Prescription Discount Drug Card Available for County Residents

1-6-2014: New TLC Series to Document Former FLDS Member Flora Jessop

12-2-2013: Protect Your Bank Accounts

11-27-2013: Stay Safe Online This Holiday Season

9-30-2013: October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

9-20-2013: Johnson and Watson Appointed To National Environmental, Energy & Land Use Committee

9-17-2013: Supervisor Johnson Appointed to Vice Chairman of Cyber Security Task Force

9-13-2013: Millions of Tax Payer Dollars Continue to Flow into Colorado City for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance & Medicaid

9-11-2013: Press Release 

8-28-2013: MCHA to Receive Rental Assistance Funds to Help Homeless Veterans

8-23-2013: Johnson Warns of Upcoming Weekend Storm Potential 

6-24-2013: Federal Judge Throws Out Specious Climate Change Lawsuit

6-7-2013: Supervisor Johnson Urges Congress to Support Municipal Bonds Crucial to Mohave County’s Financial Future 

5-15-13: Johnson Urges State Legislators to Return Funds to Mohave County

4-30-13: County officials urge action on county priorities

4-22-13 Clockwork Orange Warning 

3-20-13 Uranium Mining Ruling

3-19-13  Pertussis Confirmed in Mohave County 

3-13-13  Protecting the Desert Tortoise 


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