Cyber Security Tip #24

Cyber Security Tip #24: Safeguard Your Data

Safeguarding your business and personal data has never been more difficult or important. How do you safeguard sensitive/confidential data? The manner of protection often depends on what kind of data you are safeguarding, how important or sensitive it is to you, to your organization or your customers.

The following tips will help you become aware of how to protect data both at work and at home:
• Password-protect your access.
Use a strong password or pass-phrase to protect access to your data.
• Identify where the data is stored.
Have specific places within your network or computer where you store sensitive/confidential data. Those network shares, hard drives, servers, or system folders can then have specific protection methods used to keep them more secure.
• Encrypt stored sensitive/confidential data.
Whenever possible, encrypt stored sensitive/confidential data, whether it is being permanently or temporarily stored. This can help prevent unintended disclosure even if your system has been compromised.

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