Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Seeks Disbandment of Colorado City/Hildale Marshall’s Office

Lake Havasu City, AZ –The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has announced that Attorney General Tom Horne has filed a proposed form of Judgment in the U.S. District Court, seeking, among other things, the disbandment of the Colorado City, Arizona/Hildale, Utah Marshal’s Office and the appointment of a federal monitor over municipal functions and services.  “Attorney General Horne has been relentless in going after corrupt police departments and is adamant in his protection of women and children.   I applaud his action and all the hard efforts he has taken throughout the last four years assisting with the problems we have seen in Colorado City,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated. The Judgment filed yesterday provides for the transfer of full responsibility and authority for law enforcement and police dispatch services within the municipalities to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, with all expenses paid by Colorado City and Hildale.  According to Johnson, the Colorado City/Hildale Marshal’s Office has operated for decades under the rule of now imprisoned polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs.  “Attorney General Horne takes his job seriously and is one of the few Attorneys General in the past decade who has stood up to the corrupt law enforcement in the area,” Johnson stated. During the past three years, the Attorney General’s Office has transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office to have deputies stationed in Colorado City.  “The Sheriff’s presence in the town has been extremely helpful,” Johnson commented.  “We have been able to help girls escape who wouldn’t have had the opportunity had the deputies not been there,” Johnson ended. ###