Mohave County School Districts Receive Additional State Aid Funding

Lake Havasu City, AZ – The Arizona Department of Revenue has notified Mohave County that 13 school districts within the county should anticipate receiving over $8 million total for fiscal year (FY) 2015 in real and personal property tax roll additional state aid to education (ASAE) dollars.  “These funds will drastically help our school districts,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.  “With only 17% of Mohave County being made up of private property, our school system cannot function on property tax dollars alone, which is why this funding is greatly needed,” Johnson continued. In the 1980s, the Arizona state legislature started a K-12 school finance system based on a statutory formula.  Under this formula, school districts receive state aid based on student enrollment and property wealth.  In Mohave County, the highest recipient of funding for FY15 will be the Lake Havasu Unified School District receiving the most at a little over $3.7 million.  The second highest recipient will be the Kingman Unified School District with a little over $2 million. According to Mohave County Superintendent Mike File, the state aid dollars are sent out to school districts in three to four disbursements throughout the year.  The funding aids districts in helping to pay teacher salaries, benefits, utilities, and building maintenance. The other school districts throughout the county that are anticipated to receiving this funding are: The Hackberry Elementary SD # 3: $20,689.70 Owens Elementary SD # 6: $3,103.66 Moccasin-Fredonia Elementary SD # 10: $15,532.92 Topock Elementary SD # 12: $53,470.14 Bullhead Elementary SD # 15: $669,433.19 Mohave Valley Elem. # 16: $443,627.91 Valentine Elem. SD # 22: $2,404.78 Colorado River UHS: $1,166,531.24 Peach Springs Unified SD # 8: $3,381.30 Littlefield/Mt.Trumbull Unified SD # 9: $87,927.36 Colorado City Unified SD # 14: $68,042.00